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custom  full  service  silent   disco

*Additional charge added for events outside of Buffalo, NY*

**Additional charge for events on all Holidays, Holiday Weeks & Holiday Weekends**

Step 1: Submit a simple Quote request form below  and SE2 will review your request.


Step 2: SE2 will contact you to formalize ourselves with the details of your request and your full silent disco needs.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If a DJ talent is needed for the event, typically the requestor will need to work with SE2 to confirm a DJ for the Event.

  • SE2 will also work with the requestor if a DJ is already signed for the event. If a DJ talent is not needed for the event, SE2 will work with any RCA audio source available. (Ex. Phone, Stereo, Tablet)

  • Tent or Area of Silent Disco is negotiable as there are many ways to set up a Silent Disco. (Outdoor or Indoor)

  • SE2 has lighting and staging based on the event needs, and trusted third party lighting and staging contacts if needed.

  • SE2 will provide adequate staff the day of the event (if needed) to run the Silent Disco, allowing the event creators to enjoy the party!


Step 3: SE2 will provide to you an itemized Silent Disco Quote by email.


Step 4: Return the Quote with payment to SE2 confirming your full service silent disco reservation.


Step 5: Submit your payment (via Credit Card, PayPal, or Cash in person) as explained in the Quote.


Step 6: SE2 will contact the requestor 7 days prior to arrange set up time. (Set up time typically is 2 – 6 Hours on the date of the event depending on event needs.)

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