*Additional charge added for events outside of Buffalo, NY*

**Additional charge for events on all Holidays, Holiday Weeks & Holiday Weekends**

Step 1: CHOOSE THE AMOUNT OF HEADPHONES NEEDED FOR your event. complete THE FORM BELOW WITH your event details. SE2 will email you a quote/invoice. 


Step 2: renter makes payment for rental VIA SE2 EMAIL INVOICE.


Step 3: SE2 will ship ordered rental equipment FedEx/usps to arrive at rental location 1 day prior to the event or on day of event.

  • se2 may deliver equipment for local rental.


Step 4: After the event; the renter is to return rented equipment with provided FedEx/usps return shipping label within the original shipping box/tote.

  • se2 may pickup equipment for local rental.


Step 5: Once all equipment is received by SE2 within 3 days of rental date and is in working order. the Refundable deposit collected in advance will be returned to renter within 7 days.


Damaged/Lost Equipment Agreement

1. Damaged/Lost headphones/transmitters will result in a replacement fee of $80.00 per pair of headphones or single transmitter paid by paying customer.


2. A damaged equipment/cancellation REFUNDABLE deposit will be due in the amount of $10 per headphone/transmitter rented. Upon return of all originally rented headphones/transmitters in full working order the deposit will be returned.


3. If any SE2 headphones/transmitters are not in working order at the time of the return, the renter is liable, and will have the amount of $80.00 per pair of non-working headphones or single transmitters deducted from their refundable deposit amount until the deposit is exhausted. If any amount is still due by renter after deposit is exhausted they will be billed separately for the full remaining headphones/transmitters replacement amount.